Harnessing the Nation's agricultural abundance to end hunger and improve health in the United States remains the central focus of education.

Local Ag Expo provides education to area 4th graders in conjunction with Goshen Cattlewomen.

Wyoming Ag in the Classroom

Agriculture in the Classroom programs are implemented by state-operated programs. National Agriculture in the Classroom supports state programs by providing a network that seeks to improve agricultural literacy — awareness, knowledge, and appreciation — among PreK-12 teachers and their students.
The program is carried out in each state, according to state needs and interests, by individuals representing farm organizations, agribusiness, education, and government.  The USDA supports the state organizations by:

  • helping to develop Agriculture in the Classroom programs
  • acting as a central clearinghouse for educational materials and information
  • encouraging USDA agencies to assist in the state programs, and
  • coordinating with national organizations to promote the goal of an increased awareness of agriculture among the nation's students

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