North Platte Valley and South Goshen Conservation Districts are working together to conserve,
protect, and enhance natural resources in Goshen County.


Applications now being accepted for SEASONAL HELP/TREE PLANTING CREW

 Position begins end of April and runs through early July, 2022. Salary $12:00 per hour.

Days will begin 6:00 am (depending on weather) and end approximately 2:00 pm (or as needed).

Overtime limited unless required. Applicant must be able to lift heavy objects;

lower body to ground-support weight on knees-and rise to standing position without support;

be dependable without absences; and work as needed. Applicant must have valid driver’s license, and handle farm equipment as needed.

 Interested parties may apply by printing application (found here) and submitting to Conservation District Office

located at 1441 East M Street Suite B, Torrington, WY  82240. Please call 307-532-4880 ext 101 or 307-532-1916 for more information.



SOUTH GOSHEN CONSERVATION DISTRICT is now renting a Gopher Eliminator for $125.00 per day.

Schedule your rental reservation by calling 307-532-4880 ext 101

Click here for application



is now renting a WOODS CSS60 Seeder-Tiller-No-Till machine for $75.00 per day.

Simultaneously plant two seed types at two different depths in one pass, precisely measure out seeds, and reduce waste.

Easily weave into narrow spaces and make tight turns to plant areas that may not be accessible with a larger tractor and planter.

Pull a pin and one or both seed boxes stop to make it a tilling machine for ground prep also.

Schedule your rental reservation by calling 307-532-4880 ext 101

Click here for application.


Domestic Well Water Testing is provided by the districts free of charge each year if funding is available.

             Please check with your local district office for more information. Call 307-532-4880 ext 101

You can find general information regarding water quality from EPA at http://deq.wyoming.gov/wqd/know-your-well/
EPA's National Primary Drinking Water Regulations are available here.
Wyoming Water Quality for Livestock and Wildlife are available here.


Conservation Grade Tree and Shrub Sale Opens each fiscal year from Beginning of October to First Week of April.

Tree Planting site surveys begin each September.

See more information by clicking the links at the top of the page.

Call the office to schedule a free site survey and learn more about this program. Call 532-4880  ext 101


Hazardous Household and Ag Waste Collection Day

sponsored by North Platte Valley and South Goshen Conservation Districts, is an annual event to protect domestic water quality in Goshen County.

All pesticides, fertilizers, insecticides, household cleaners, lead or oil-based paints will be accepted. E-waste collection includes kitchen appliances, small appliances, air conditioners, computers, monitors, cell phones, and all types of batteries. Services are free to the public.

We would like to thank all those who participate in this public service by way of financial donation or with assistance at the event.

Please call 307-575-0126  or 532-4880 ext 101 for further information about water quality events.


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